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Welcome to Headstart School
Our Unique Learning Environment

Headstart School was established in 1999. It has a proven track record of huge success with learners on the Autistic Spectrum, including those with complex needs.


Places are available for students from age 5 to 16 and following onto our Post 16 courses up to the age of 21. Headstart School has the benefit of two sites: both situated in the East Sussex countryside, one on the outskirts of the village of Ninfield and the other at Golden Cross; both with their own mini-farm, small animal and pet area and horticultural pods.


The school admits up to fifty students across both sites complimented by a large qualified experienced staff team. This high ratio of qualified staff to student and our use of a range of therapies within our behaviour management and close working with our Occupational Therapist and Salt, is what we believe to be our strength and the main reason for our success with students who have struggled in other academic environments.


Headstart School is committed to providing considered and carefully developed individual and personalised education to students who have found conventional learning a challenge. 

Headstart School uses innovative methods of teaching across a wide range of subjects with an emphasis on outdoor learning,thus enabling students to identify and work to their own potential with enthusiasm, in a safe and happy learning environment.

For any Safeguarding Information:

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We believe that it is important that students follow a broad, balanced and coherent curriculum and one that is relevant to every child's individual needs, abilities and learning style.


The curriculum provided at Headstart School is part of the range of strategies used to raise the expectations and aspirations of pupils.

Alongside the delivery of an academic core, our unique learning environment set in the East Sussex countryside, gives our students immediate access to learning in the outdoors which supports the development of student confidence and self esteem.


Forest School and Land Based Provision onsite, provides opportunities for our students to gain a wealth of knowledge, skills and empathy, that very few schools can offer and helps develop independence and learning for life in the real world.

Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm.

Safeguarding means:

  • protecting children from abuse and maltreatment

  • preventing harm to children’s health or development

  • ensuring children grow up with the provision of safe and effective care

  • taking action to enable all children and young people to have the best outcomes.

Child protection is part of the safeguarding process. It focuses on protecting individual children identified as suffering or likely to suffer significant harm. This includes child protection procedures which detail how to respond to concerns about a child.

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