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About Us

Headstart School is situated on two beautiful rural sites both based in the East Sussex countryside. Both School sites have their own farm and vast areas of green fields.


Headstart School is a community with an ethos of care and respect for each other. 


We have a range of animals including horses, pigs, sheep, goats, alpacas,ducks and chickens. We have a small pet centre housing our rabbits.The mini-farms are central to our therapeutic approach to learning. We also house our agricultural and horticultural areas

where students enjoy growing produce and plants or studying the insects!

Our aim is to enable all students to develop the ability to make choices, which impact positively on their overall life chances within the wider community.


We offer a broad range of vocational lessons alongside the more conventional areas of academic study.

Our qualified teaching staff are dedicated to providing a safe, caring and positive educational experience.

Praise and reward are used as key motivators for all students. Our reward scheme offers points for attendance to lessons, good behaviour and task completion. These can be used for a chosen activity, for example, go-karting, horse riding, or other suitable activity of a student’s choice.

Additionally, students have the opportunity to earn money to spend with staff on our end of term shopping trips.

Parents, guardians/carers are informed weekly of a student’s educational, personal and social progress.

Information on weekly tutorials is available by request, and we actively welcome the involvement of families/carers, as we view education as a partnership between home and school.

Ultimately, we will provide a personalised programme of learning designed to meet the individual interests and learning needs of your child. This will cover cultural and creative studies whilst helping to develop your child’s physical, communication, thinking, personal and social skills.


We have high teacher to student ratios and are passionate about adapting our curriculum in a meaningful way to help children reach their potential.

The school has a firm commitment to the professional development of staff and in-service training forms a part of each term.

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