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At Headstart School the Construction Course is designed to give every pupil access to using tools and equipment in a safe and supervised environment. Working with students in this way allows confidence to be improved, using Health and Safety lessons to underline good working practices and an introduction into working with basic tools.

Students will have the opportunity to work on Carpentry, Brickwork and Painting and Decorating projects that are ongoing at Headstart. The pupils that enjoy Construction will have been able to study at Level 1 Btec and this consists of 4 stages. Once completed, this is the equivalent of a GCSE.

The BTEC courses are an evidence-based way of learning and they include practical lessons that are recorded by students using photo evidence that is written up as work progresses. This improves the students’ confidence with both their practical skills and their understanding of building evidence as required for NVQ’s – which are used in employment and college places.

Students can study Construction at Level 2 in all disciplines (this is catered for with our Post 16 courses) which enables students to work at a high level in small numbers with support for coursework. The skills that are taught at Headstart are life skills and will prove useful for all the students’ futures, whether they chose a career in construction or not.

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