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Debbie Hoyland

Hello, my name is Debbie and I am a qualified teacher and an Assistant Head at Headstart. I have had the pleasure of working at Headstart for over ten years. Before Headstart, I spent 7 years teaching at a mainstream secondary school where I taught maths, was a lead teacher for East Sussex County Council and Head of Year 7. At Headstart, I lead on curriculum, qualifications and assessments. I am also a specialist assessor for access arrangements and have achieved the Level 7 Postgraduate Award of Proficiency in Assessment for Access Arrangements.


I am passionate that all pupils are given the opportunity to achieve and grow. The curriculum we offer at Headstart has a broad range of subjects and makes use of our farms and outside facilities. We ensure that the curriculum fits around our pupils, their needs and interests while making sure they progress in all areas of life, not just academic. I enjoy observing how much our pupils thrive and are happy learning at school, for many this comes after finding mainstream schools difficult.  

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