My name is Roxy and I am the Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator at Headstart.

I am a qualified teacher and have worked with children and young people with neurodiverse profiles for a number of years both as a specialist communication and interaction teacher as well as a SENCo. I am highly passionate about supporting students with Autism and ensuring that they are provided with equal opportunities to access and love learning throughout their education with us. I specialise in working with children with demand avoidant traits and communication and language challenges and am trained in delivering and using a number of autism specific interventions and strategies such as Attention Autism, Makaton, Building Language Through Lego and the TEEACH Method.

At Headstart I co-ordinate the special educational needs provision including our team of occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and behavioural specialists. I support staff in understanding the individual social, emotional, communication and educational needs of their pupils and ensure that the outcomes in each child’s Education, Health and Care Plan are met through our education and therapeutic provision.