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Vocational Pathfinder

Vocational education at Headstart School is training that offers work related and practical experience in particular occupational fields, such as agriculture, equine studies, home economics, horticulture, construction and motor mechanics.

Students who have yet to decide what area or field they wish to specialise in are able to take a range of subjects within one course, giving them the opportunity to try each to discover which could be a preference in the future, while still giving each student a broad range of skills, knowledge and understanding.

Vocational pathfinder gives students insight into a range of careers that they could then pursue through to varying levels. It can be classified as teaching procedural knowledge and cross cutting employment skills. The hands on approach of our Vocational Pathfinder Course can be  more relevant to students as they are supported to develop skills and techniques in a more practical context.

It allows students to develop personal skills and attributes that are seen as important for the world of work.

Vocational Pathfinder is a vital course at Post 16 level. Headstart School has developed excellent resources in motor vehicle, horticulture, home economics, construction and equine studies. All our trainers have all the relevant skills to develop competent employees of the future with up to date and modern skills.

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