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Ryan Alexander

My name is Ryan Alexander and I am a very proud member of Headstart School Leading Behaviour, Physical Education, Biology and a member of the SLT, this is my second year working with the most conscientious and caring team in a school where the children ALWAYS come first.

I have previously worked within a range of settings which include mainstream Secondary teaching P.E, Biology and Leading year 7 Pastoral, Head of Physical education internationally both primary and secondary, I have also taught within a PRU setting.

I came to Headstart school as I believe not only my skill sets are suited to SEN but working with SEN students can often be more rewarding and have more job satisfaction than a typical teaching job. After all, when working with children who aren’t even sure they are capable of learning, seeing them achieve things beyond what they thought was possible is incredible.

At Headstart more freedom is given with what I teach and how I teach it. It’s all about the individual child and finding ways to inspire them, which means I get to be incredibly creative in my approach. With reduced class numbers Headstart gives me the time so I can really get to know the children I am teaching. By building personal relationships and investing the time getting to know them.

I believe Each pupil is unique - and discovering their individual needs, strengths and differences is all part of the magic of teaching.

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