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Protecting Rights in a Caring Environment (PRICE)

All our staff are trained in de-escalation practices, understanding behaviour and restrictive intervention using strategies.

Positive strategies for managing behaviour

Headstart School has in-house trainers who support staff and students to uphold the following values: 

  • Protect people's fundamental human rights.

  • Reduce reliance on restrictive practices.

  • Promote a person-centred and therapeutic approach.

  • create a safer environment for service users and staff.

  • improve the quality of life of those being held.

  • reduce educational placement breakdown and exclusions.

Our strategies equip staff working in primary and secondary school environments with the tools they need to develop competency, skills and knowledge to support the strategy and provision provided at Headstart.

A holistic approach to managing behaviour in your school

We value the importance of respect and positive relationships throughout the school. PRICE fosters a culture of support and teamwork, and all strategies are understood in the context of a holistic approach to classroom management which maintains a positive environment. The benefits can be huge, improving morale, confidence and learning outcomes. PRICE is fully compliant in adhering to the Restraint Reduction Network Standards and links directly to the school's foundation of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and Trauma-informed training. 

This approach has been shown to be transformative in schools throughout the UK.
Our in-house tailored training solutions teach positive behaviour management and restrictive intervention strategies which reduce the need for physical intervention and restraint. They have helped transform a wide variety of workplaces and relationships, equipping individuals and teams to manage challenging behaviour and conflict safely and respectfully, driving positive outcomes.

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